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Sunpath LLC offers therapeutic and specially designed programs to meet the mental, emotional, and social needs of our consumers and and the families that care for them. These programs are individualized and customized for each consumer and are updated to keep pace with their changing needs.
School Based Intervention
Our school-based programs promote positive integration, thus reducing school suspensions and the rate of school dropouts for at-risk children. Our professionals work with students individually during the school day, teaching them coping, social and study skills while they are in the classroom.
In Home and Community Support
This program provides our consumers individualized training and support in the home and in the community. We work one-on-one with the consumer to enhance critical skills and redirect negative behavior. Consumers also learn daily living skills such as completing chores at home, problem solving, good study habits, appropriate protocol and proper hygiene.
Caregiver Education and Training Services
These services provide information, skill development and contructive discipline techniques for parents and others who can provide positive environmental change and interaction in the consumer's life. These services involve parents, extended family members, neighbors, school officials, coaches and others who influence and provide support for the consumer. .
Substance Using Populations
A goal oriented intervention service focusing on aiding substance using consumers to maintain pro-social behavior and long-term recovery while avoiding high-risk situations in schools and the community. Service components include but are not limited to, relapse prevention, identifying personal cues, triggers, high-risk drug use situations, and situational management.
Sexualized Populations
An objective and process oriented intervention service concentrating on the specialized needs of sexualized consumers in schools and the community. Service components include but are not limited to:
  • Relapse Prevention Situational Management
  • Altering Cycles of Behavior
  • Building Empathy/Awareness of Victim Impact
  • Controlling Arousal
  • Assuming Responsibility
  • Identifying Personal Cues and Triggers
  • Masculine / Feminine Identity Issues
  • High-Risk Situation Identification
  • Healthy Sexual Practices and Protocol
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