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Sunpath LLC offers all outpatient services from a bilingual / bicultural perspective. Our programs are available in English and Spanish.

Community Support Team (CST)

The Community Support Team program is comprised of mental health and substance abuse services, based in the community. The consumer is provided with the necessary support through a team approach to assist adults in achieving rehabilitation and recovery goals. It is aimed at people with mental illness, substance abuse, or both, who have complex and extensive treatment needs. This is an intensive community-based rehabilitation service that offers direct treatment and restoration interventions, as well as case management. The Community Support Team (CST) is designed to:
  • Reduce present symptoms of substance abuse or psychiatric and promote the stability of symptoms
  • Restore skills of daily life in the community and interpersonal skills
  • Provide the first response intervention to calm the current crisis, and
  • Ensure linkage to community services and resources
Intensive In-Home (IIH)

Intensive Home Care (IIH) is a team designed to respond to the identified needs of children and adolescents, who due to the severe and chronic symptoms of emotional disorders, behavior and / or substance abuse, are not able to remain stable in the community without intensive interventions. The services are suitable for families willing to receive a team of professionals in their homes. This team offers a variety of clinical rehabilitation interventions available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A small number of cases allow the team to spend several hours a week at home to work with family and children. With the aim of achieving the changes that will allow the child to stay at home instead of moving to an institutional setting for treatment. The team services are designed individually for each family, in full collaboration with the family to minimize intrusion and maximize independence. The intervention for the family is based on the clinical needs of the consumers. The intensive services in the home are intended to:
  • Reduce the presentation of symptoms of psychiatric or substance abuse
  • Provide fast response to crisis situations to restore the child to normal functioning
  • Ensure linkage to community services and resources, and
  • Prevent placement outside the home for the child
Therapeutic Outpatient Service

The Individualized Therapeutic Outpatient Service is designed to meet the clinically meaningful psychological or behavioral symptoms or patterns that have been identified as the consumer's treatment needs. This service is provided through scheduled treatment sessions. Ambulatory Therapy offers consulting services, individual, group and family psychotherapy for adults and children. Specialties include stress management, anger management, depression management, behavior modification, post-traumatic problems related to physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence and grief. Interventions may include mental health therapy, behavioral counseling, counseling for substance abuse problems and psychoeducation about mental health and / or substance abuse. This service is designed as a structured therapeutic intervention to provide support and guidance in the prevention, overcoming or management of the needs identified in the service plan to help improve the level of functioning, which increases the abilities or abilities to cope the various situations or the maintenance of a level of success to function on an outpatient basis.

Medication Management Services

The drug management service allows the prescription and supervision of medications for the treatment of symptoms related to mental health disorders.

Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Program (SAIOP)

The Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Program (SAIOP) is an individual and group service designed to assist adult consumers in learning recovery and maintenance skills. The program is offered over a period of several weeks or months. The treatment is offered at least three (3) hours per day at least three (3) days a week with no more than two consecutive days between the services offered and distinguishes between people who need more than 19 hours per week of structured services. The consumer must attend a minimum of three (3) hours per day in order to receive credit for treatment assistance.

Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment (SACOT)

Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment(SACOT) is a limited-time periodic service, with a multifaceted treatment approach for adults who require structure and support to achieve and maintain recovery. Our SACOT program is a service that emphasizes the reduction in substance use and abuse and / or continuous abstinence, the negative consequences of substance abuse, the development of the social support network and the necessary lifestyle changes, educational skills , vocational skills that lead to work activity by reducing substance abuse as a barrier to employment, social and interpersonal skills, improvement in family functioning, understanding the disease of addiction, and the continued commitment to a recovery and maintenance program. These services are offered 20 hours a week, four (4) hours a day. Emphasizes the reduction of substance use and abuse and promotes continued abstinence. The consumer must be present for a minimum of four (4) hours per day in order to receive credit for treatment assistance.

Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation

A Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation includes the following: Diagnostic Assessments, Mental Health Assessments, and Substance Abuse Evaluations. This evaluation is an intensive and functional one that is offered face to face, by licensed professionals, for that of an individual that presents problems of Mental Health, Mental Disability and Substance Abuse. A written report is generated based on the conclusions of the clinical staff that provides the diagnosis, recommendations for services, support and / or treatment. In addition, it is the clinical basis for the development of the Person-Centered Plan (PCP) or the service plan when a PCP is not required. For an Evaluation focused on substance abuse, an additional diagnostic tool that is used is the SASSI. The evaluation services at Sunpath LLC are available to children and adults who are new to the health system; Mental Health, Mental Disability and Substance Abuse and for those who need to determine the appropriate level of services to meet the client's current needs. The evaluations are updated annually.

Anger Management

Anger Management is an individual and group service designed to help consumers learn how to transform anger. Generally, anger is seen as destructive, treatment helps with problem solving, empathy, conflict resolution and forgiveness. The treatment is offered once a week for 16 weeks in a group setting. Individual sessions can be replaced by group sessions.

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